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In order to book a psychosexual coaching session, you will need to fill in the intake form below, and make a non-refundable deposit of £50.

Sessions typically last an hour, and are priced as follows:

Skype: £50 per hour

Face to face: £50 per hour if income under £15.000 per annum / £60 ph if between £15.000 and £25.000 pa / £70 ph if over £25.000 pa

I the abovesigned accept that, should I succeed in booking a psychosexual coaching session with Rowan, I am taking full responsibility for my own physical and emotional well-being in doing so. I understand that I undertake coaching at my own risk, and that it is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment or examination; I also affirm I have openly and honestly listed any relevant medical information. I agree to state any boundaries or needs that I have clearly during the session, and to respect the boundaries of my therapist; I know that failure to do so may lead to termination of my session without return of payment. I hereby release Rowan and her associates from responsibility for any damages that may arise as a result of my pursuing sex coaching. I agree that if I cancel my appointment less than 72 hours before it is scheduled, or do not show up, I must pay for the session unless advised otherwise. I affirm that the answers I have given above are the truth in so far as I am aware.