Erotic Shapeshifting

Expand your erotic horizons and deepen your pleasure potential in these explorations into the art of sensual shapeshifting.

Use breathwork, energy, and shamanic journeying to transform the boundaries of your erotic self, the shape of your genitals, and the flavour of power exchange and intense sensation – moving beyond the confines of your skin, and opening up new possibilities for intimacy and play.

  • Journey to meet your erotic ally
  • Learn how to extend your personal power into playthings and playmates
  • Craft a new erotic energy body
  • Experience energetic penetration
  • Discover ecstatic possibilities beyond body-shape, gender, and physical intercourse

These workshops are open to beings of all genders, orientations, bodies, and backgrounds. We ask participants to book in pairs, and attend with someone you feel comfortable being energetically intimate with; you’ll have opportunities to work with the wider group, as well as to work with your partner. Touch, nudity, and physical intimacy are all welcome, but not necessary, and you will be encouraged to participate within your own boundaries. Previous experience of breathwork, visualisation, and conscious intimacy will enhance your experience, and the workshop includes aspects of BDSM.

Take a peek at our calendar to find out when the next Liminal Skin session is taking place. Erotic Shapeshifting can also be taught in the form of shorter taster sessions at retreats and festivals – get in touch here to invite us to your event.