The Initiation

Initiation into erotic communion.

Communion with self, other, lover, earth, and divinity.

Immersion in ritual.

An immersion leading to empowered, erotic magicianship.

Revolution of self-love.

A revolution concocted from permission, integration, and pleasure.


Welcome to Making Love with God – The Initiation.

This course invites the seeker into radical new relationship – with their erotic self, with a circle of fellow travelers, and with a devoted divinity.

Find your center, truth, and power through breath, visionwork, and embodiment; learn the fundamentals of sex magic; and explore conscious and consensual communication, connection, and touch.

Whilst this is not a journey to undertake lightly, it could be for you if:

  • You’re ready to step into radical self-acceptance
  • You’re ready to move from shame into self-love
  • You’re ready for a more profound and powerful flavour of intimacy
  • You’re ready to co-create with the cosmos
  • You’re ready to become the erotic magician you were meant to be

The course is made up of three weekends – Making Love with Self, Making Love with Other, and Making Love with God. It is open to seekers, solo and in partnership, of all genders, orientations, backgrounds, and beliefs; it stands out among conscious sexuality courses in the UK in that the material is not based on binaries of gender or orientation.

To find out when the next weekend is taking place, have a look at our calendar, and contact us via to book your place.


Making Love with Self: This weekend is a call to radical self love. You are invited to reconnect – with your feeling self, your intuitive self, and your erotic self – and to reclaim your personal power. We will be exploring safe space, edges, boundaries, and desires, and locating/expressing our truth; exorcising fear and shame; introducing the fundamentals of sex magic; and delving into the question “What if my pleasure was a gift from the divine – just for me?” The weekend is open to all.

Making Love with Other: This weekend calls you to step into intimacy in a new, conscious, and creative way. We explore consent, communication, and conscious erotic touch, and face our relationship with relationship itself. The weekend builds to a co-created sex magic ritual. Open to previous attendees of Making Love with Self, or any previous Making Love with God weekend.

Making Love with God: This weekend is a portal into radical intimacy with all that is. Discover how pleasure can fuel prayer, bring you closer to the god of your understanding, and save the Earth. We shall sink deliciously together into surrender, silence, and mystery, and raise each other up to new states of bliss. Open to previous attendees of Making Love with Self/Other, or any other Making Love with God weekend.


Initiation weekends currently take place in Central London, and are priced as follows (prices include lunches on the Saturday and Sunday, but not accommodation):

Advance price: £200

Full price: £250

Patron: £350

By becoming a Patron, you open up a Bursary place for another attendee. A Bursary recipient may attend a weekend on a donation basis. Bursary places depend on Patrons, and each weekend welcomes up to three Patrons, and can accommodate the same number of Bursary places. Patrons and the Bursary recipients will remain anonymous. Priority for bursary places will be given to people of colour, single parents, and those dedicating their time to campaigning on behalf of the planet, human rights, and the queer community.