The Art of Sex Magic – Radical Self Love *SOLD OUT*
May 24 @ 7:00 pm – May 26 @ 5:00 pm

Discover the art of sex magic, and use it to revolutionise your relationship with yourself, your body, and your pleasure.

This intensive weekend workshop opens a safer space for intimate encounters with the facets of ourselves our culture tends to de-prioritise or dismiss – our emotional, embodied, and erotic selves – and invites you to tap into the wisdom, power, and creativity awaiting you therein.

During the course of the weekend, you will have a chance to:

  • Learn deep listening skills to re-connect with all aspects of yourself
  • Locate and communicate your boundaries and desires to transform your relationships with self and others
  • Move through shame and into friendship with the self
  • Discover breath practices for ecstatic experiences beyond sex and gender
  • Find out how sex magic ritual can enhance your pleasure and change your life

And much more, in a lovingly held space grounded in the principles of consent, respect, and radical self-acceptance.

This weekend welcomes and celebrates participants of all genders, orientations, bodies* and backgrounds who are ready to harness the creative power of the erotic to transform themselves, their relationships, their lives, and our world.

The workshop is suitable for intrepid explorers who are feeling ready to embrace and empower their embodied, emotional, and erotic selves – as well as for experienced erotic pioneers in need of a deeper check-in with themselves, their relationships, and their lives, and a held ritual space in which to effect transformation.

Disclaimer: Participation on this weekend can include self-pleasure, self and/or mutual touch, and nudity, but none of these are mandatory. You will always be invited to participate within your consent – and it is our belief that the only tools needed for an ecstatic experience are breath and a willing imagination!


  • Places booked before March 21st – £180
  • Places booked before May 1st – £200
  • Places booked before May 16th (booking deadline) – £220

There will be a limited number of bursary spaces available at a discounted cost of £100. Priority for these will be given to members of the LGBTQ+ and POC communities on low income, and to those campaigning on behalf of our planet.

Please note places are limited, and there is a short application process. To apply for a place on the workshop, contact

Timings for the workshop will be 7-9pm on Friday the 24th, and roughly 10am-5pm on the Saturday and Sunday. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

*The venue we will be using has some access issues – specifically, a gravel path and a small flight of steps, and the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible. We sincerely apologise for this. If access is a concern for you, and you would like to attend the weekend, please let us know, and we will do everything in our power to make it possible for you to do so.

Koinonia – Intimacy, Community, Communion
Jun 8 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Koinonia - Intimacy, Community, Communion

The ritual revels of Koinonia are back to entice you into the molten heart of summer – welcoming, celebrating, and pleasuring all that you are.

Our tenderly held realm of deviance and delights will once again be shaped around the four elements, as follows:

– Air is the dance floor, encouraging ecstatic embodiment throughout the evening
– Water is a tender temple of soothing sensuality, inviting rest, cuddle puddles, and massage
– Fire holds the play space, enticing you deeper into the infinite possibilities of pleasure and pain
– Earth holds the food quarter, providing tasty home-cooked treats, and a space to converse and connect

At Koinonia, permission, rather than performance, is the order of the night, and you are welcome to indulge in as much or as little of each element as you feel drawn to, following the flow of your desire moment to moment.

Weaving together magical ritual, safer sex protocol, and a skilled team of facilitators, Koinonia is so much more than a sex party – embracing every facet of the self, sowing the seeds of community, and opening a doorway into ecstasy.

Koinonia welcomes and celebrates participants of all genders and orientations.

The event will take place in Walthamstow, East London. Doors will open at 5:30, and the Opening Circle will begin at 6:00pm, at which point the doors will shut. The Closing Circle will be at around 11:00pm.

Tickets are priced as follows*:

Previous Ponies, purchased before midnight on Friday the 5th of April – £25
Stalwart Stallions, purchased before midnight on Friday the 31st of May – £35
Dawdling Donkeys, purchased before midnight on Thursday the 6th of June – £45

There will be no tickets available on the door, and our last Koinonia event sold out, so book yours as soon as possible, by contacting
If you’re booking for the first time, it helps if you can tell us how you found out about the event, and something about your prior experience of sex-positive and queer-friendly spaces.
*If you’re booking a ticket on the day of a price bracket deadline, your payment can come through anytime before midnight, but you’ll need to contact Rowan for payment details within working hours.

Please note; the venue for this event has some accessibility issues – specifically, a short staircase connecting the two floors. Do get in touch with us if accessibility is an area of concern for you; we will do all that we can to assist you in attending the event.