A flame dances on a black background, with the words Sex Magic for our Times in white letters

Sex Magic for our Times is a journey in ritual, pleasure, staying with the trouble, and resourcing from the erotic.

Over five three-hour virtual meetings, we gather together for the dual purpose of: getting present with ourselves, each other, and all that is moving within and around us; and exploring the principles and practices of sex magic for the purposes of self-care, creating change, and accessing ecstasy. This journey is taken in a closed and committed group of fellow seekers, supporting each other in the process and their magic making.

During our time together we explore:

  • The components of ritual magic
  • Breathwork for presence, pleasure, and release
  • Embodied practices for both grief and ecstasy
  • The power of intention and the medicine of surrender
  • Resourcing from the erotic for creating change

Each virtual session includes embodied activities that do not require looking at the screen. As well as the facilitated weekly meetings, each week’s material includes optional rituals and daily practices to enrich your explorations. In the final week of the course, you are invited to create your own sex magic rituals outside of our time together.

Our cornerstones for this journey are:

Consent – Curiosity – Commitment – Co-creativity – Kindness

Sex Magic for our Times offers a held, welcoming, queer space for folks who are ready to feel deeply, honour what is arising, and develop their unique sex magical practice for personal and planetary transformation.

In order to attend, you will need:

  • Good internet access
  • The ability to commit to all five evenings of the course
  • The course fee (some financial hardship spaces will be available)
  • Prior experience of consent-based, queer-celebrating, sex-positive spaces
  • The experience, capacity, and support to hold yourself in the face of deep work, and the depths of yourself into which that work takes you

Check out our Calendar to find out when the next Sex Magic for our Times series is running.

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