Making Love with God bridges the artificial divides between sex and spirit, introducing the seeker to a divine that is loving, playful, and deeply sexy. If you’re ready to reclaim your sexuality and spirituality, and harness their power in creating the life you’re longing for – come on in!

You are invited to step into a realm of connection, permission, and magic. To connect deeply and intimately with yourself, with others, and with the cosmos; to allow yourself to come alive to every facet of who you are and what you desire; and to immerse yourself in safe, sacred, ritual spaces, where anything is possible.

Our offerings include an intensive initiation training; home-study courses for couples; and psychosexual coaching. We’re also the creators of Koinonia – experiments in intimacy, community, and communion.

We welcome individuals and partnerships of all genders, orientations, bodies, backgrounds and beliefs. We particularly enjoy working with gender benders, repressed creatives, emerging magicians, old-school geeks, wannabe world-changers – and other assorted radicals!