The Work

This work is founded on the understanding that sex is sacred, and that the sacred is sensual.

You are invited to extend that sense of sacredness, of curiosity and respect, to your body and your genitals, your feelings and desires, your sexual orientation and your gender experience. You are also invited to explore a deeper intimacy with the sacred – whether you take the sacred to mean the god of your understanding, or simply that mystery which we are all part of and participating in.

At its heart, this work is about building radically loving relationships with yourself, with your beloveds, with our planet, and with life itself. It is our intention to create spaces that are the perfect balance of safer and permissive to support you in encountering, empowering, and enjoying your erotic self, so that you can tap into the creative power hidden therein to effect change.

In our workshops, we do this by teaching ecstatic breathwork, conscious communication, consent-based touch, and ritual magic. In coaching sessions, you can expect to learn how to breathe, how to listen deeply to yourself, how to consensually express and explore your boundaries, needs, and desires, how to get conscious and creative with the erotic – and how your past experiences impact your ability to be intimate, and what you can do about that.

Our core values include consent, diversity, and radical self love. Our work is open to participants of all genders, orientations, bodies and backgrounds, and we particularly welcome participants and clients who feel excluded from mainstream personal development and conscious sexuality work because of their gender or sexual orientation. We’re passionate about empowering erotic pioneers who want to change themselves, their relationships, and our world one orgasm at a time!

Wondering whether this work is for you?

Are you ready to encounter, embrace, and empower your erotic self? Do you want to transform your relationships with yourself and others? Are you curious about how you can use your erotic power to effect personal, interpersonal, and planetary change?  Then our Art of Sex Magic intensive weekend workshops might be just what you need! Find out more.

Are you looking for a lovingly held safe space to explore your erotic edges and make new connections? Have you ever wished for a play party that was rooted in consent, community, and/or ritual? Do you long for sex-positive spaces that are also emotion-positive, body-positive, spirit-positive, and welcome participants of all genders and orientations?  Then our Koinonia events might be for you – find out more…

Are you searching for consensual and creative ways to make change in your relationships with self and others, or to expand your pleasure potential? Do you need to gain a deeper understanding of how your past impacts your ability to experience intimacy and pleasure, and what you can do about it? Are you looking for an approach that is gender-affirming, kink/poly friendly, or that is simply focused on supporting you to welcome, befriend, and love all that you are?  Then psychosexual coaching could provide the holding you’re looking for. Find out more.

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