Earth, Sex, Magic

A day of nourishment, ritual, and pleasure.

Earth, Sex, Magic offers you the space to reconnect, rest, and gather resources – whether for personal, professional, or planetary change-making, or simply for traversing the dark of the year. This day of self-care, ceremony, and ecosensuality invites you to:

  • Gift yourself with the time to nourish the landscape within, and be nourished by the landscape without.
  • Follow the maps of your five senses, the four elements, and the threefold knowing of head, heart, and belly on a journey into intimacy with yourself, and with the natural world.
  • Create rituals for personal resourcing, and indulge in a group self-pleasure ritual for the planet.

From walking meditations to ecosensual awakenings, this day is a reminder of the power, possibility, and pleasure that await us in the dance between our bodies, and the bodies of the natural world – and an opportunity to remember that you are welcome on this Earth.

AMAB person lying in a field with flowers in their hair and smiling

Next date: Saturday 28th September 2019, 11am – 8pm

Taking place in a cosy venue on welcoming land in East Sussex, Earth, Sex, Magic welcomes experienced participants who are longing to lean into the intersections between sex, magic, and this incredible land we are so blessed to co-exist on. This is an offering primarily for participants who have attended one of our events before, though the workshop is also open to applicants with prior experience of consent-based, sex-positive, queer-celebrating spaces. All genders and orientations welcome.

Cost: Advance spaces booked by Friday the 30th of August: £70
Spaced booked between the 31st of August and the 20th of September: £90
There will also be two £50 spaces available to participants who wish to attend the workshop, but would be financially excluded from the day by the higher price bracket. Get in touch if you wish to apply for one of these.

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