Fire Magic on Film

Sometime in the midst of last year's busy summer festival season, my beloved and I spent a day with some nice people from 4oD, filming a segment for the somewhat questionably entitled Bizarre Fetish Handbook. That segment has recently gone live.

The majority of what we filmed has necessarily been cut out of the 4.5 minute short. However, for those of you who have dawdled on the Fire Massage page, thinking that “transformation, healing, and empowerment” all sound great, but wondering exactly what is involved in the “unique fusion of ritual, fire, and skin”, this can perhaps paint a clearer picture.*

I hope you enjoy.

We certainly did.**

*Obviously, in the footage I'm setting fire to someone who has experienced the sensation before and enjoys it – a first timer's session is a more cautious affair!

** Please don't try this at home unless you've been fully trained in the art, craft, and above all the health and safety, of fireplay.

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