The Art of Sex Magic – Radical Self Love

Discover the art of sex magic, and use it to revolutionise your relationship with yourself, your body, and your pleasure.

This intensive weekend workshop opens a safer space for intimate encounters with the facets of ourselves our culture tends to de-prioritise or dismiss – our emotional, embodied, and erotic selves – and invites you to tap into the wisdom, power, and creativity awaiting you therein.

During the course of the weekend, you will have a chance to:

  • Learn deep listening skills to re-connect with all aspects of yourself
  • Locate and communicate your boundaries and desires to transform your relationships with self and others
  • Move through shame and into friendship with the self
  • Discover breath practices for ecstatic experiences beyond sex and gender
  • Find out how sex magic ritual can enhance your pleasure and change your life

And much more, in a lovingly held space grounded in the principles of consent, respect, and radical self-acceptance.

This weekend welcomes and celebrates participants of all genders, orientations, and backgrounds who are ready to harness the creative power of the erotic to transform themselves, their relationships, their lives, and our world.

The workshop is suitable for intrepid explorers who are feeling ready to embrace and empower their embodied, emotional, and erotic selves – as well as for experienced erotic pioneers in need of a deeper check-in with themselves, their relationships, and their lives, and a held ritual space in which to effect transformation.

Disclaimer: Participation on this weekend can include self-pleasure, self and/or mutual touch, and nudity, but none of these are mandatory. You will always be invited to participate within your consent – and it is our belief that the only tools needed for an ecstatic experience are breath and a willing imagination!

An AFAB person of colour sits in a meditative position, with one hand on their genitals and one on their heart. Between their hands a lotus made of light is growing.

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