In Person

Are you an aspiring sex-magician struggling to connect to your erotic and creative potential?

Have you been deep diving in the seven seas of shame, and are you wondering how to swim your way to a more empowered shore?

Have you and your beloved(s) lost that loving feeling, and are you longing for its return?

Are you searching for safe and consensual ways to give voice to a host of dreams and desires bubbling within you?

Are you wondering how to chart a course beyond binary-based gender or vanilla-flavoured sexuality?

If any of the above ring true for you, and you’re looking for a safe harbour from which to address the difficult questions about love, sex, intimacy, and gender – welcome!

In my capacity as a psychosexual coach, I take great pleasure in empowering my clients to:

  • Clarify and express their boundaries, their feelings, their needs, and their desires
  • Give themselves permission to be true to their own felt identity – whether in terms of gender, orientation, or sexual preference – and find safe and fulfilling ways to embody and express that identity
  • And, above all, to reconnect, to their own sexual and creative energy, to their beloved, and/or to an experience of divine love

My work takes the form of talk therapy, and is intuitively woven with breath and visualisation techniques to promote embodiment, awareness, integration, self-acceptance, and peace. I bring intelligence, humour, and presence to my sessions, and the work is influenced by years of experience working with conscious intimacy, sacred sexuality, and the gifts of the breath.

All genders, orientations, bodies and beliefs are welcome.

I have a particular passion for establishing long-term therapeutic relationships, and for working with gender-benders, repressed creatives, and other aspiring radicals!

Ultimately, what I do comes down to helping you find the permission to be yourself – ecstatically.

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