Sex Magic for the Lovers

You and your beloved are invited to explore the intersections of ritual, intimacy, and the erotic over the course of three experiential evening sessions. This is a warm and welcoming virtual space in which to discover the arc of ritual magic, and how it can support you in deepening your connection and tapping into your erotic flow. An experiential journey with a closed group of fellow explorers, some of the terrain we will be charting includes:

  • The art and arc of ritual magic
  • Practising consent, deepening communication
  • Expanding presence and pleasure with energy and breath
  • The power of intention and the medicine of surrender
  • Miniature rituals for everyday intimacy

Over the three evenings we will explore the principles and practices of sex magic; in between sessions you will receive ritual prompts and suggestions for homeplay; and at the end of our journey together you will be invited to create a sex magic ritual with your beloved. Facilitated by Rev Rowan Bombadil with assistance from their beloved Benjamin, this is a course for partners* of any gender, orientation, and relationship configuration, who wish to dive deep and make magic together.

In order to attend, you will need:

  • Good internet access
  • The ability to commit to all three evenings of the course
  • The course fee (some financial hardship spaces may be available, please reach out and enquire if you would not otherwise be able to attend)
  • Prior experience of consent-based, queer-celebrating, sex-positive spaces
  • The capacity and kindness to hold yourselves and each other in deep personal and interpersonal work, and whatever may arise in each of you – or in the space between you – as a result

Check out our Calendar to find dates and prices for the next Sex Magic for the Lovers series.

* Due to the limitations of our time together, the structure of the work will lend itself most easily to folks attending in pairs – but if you wish to attend with more than one partner, please do reach out, and we will try and get creative in order to facilitate your attendance!

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