Self-Regulation for Radical Action

As I was reflecting with a client this week, after they shared some of their anger and sadness in the face of events unfolding in Gaza, there is so much, so much, so much to grieve right now. Many of us are outside our window of tolerance. Others are turning away for fear of being overwhelmed. In this post I want to explore some ways in which we can stay present to what is happening in our world, while also keeping our feet under us, finding our way back to our window of transformation as Kai Cheng Thom terms it, and tapping into the energy we have available to take meaningful action. …

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Discernment and the path to Erotic Empowerment

Last year I promised to write a post about practising discernment. This is a subject that I frequently find myself delving into with clients – particularly when they are embarking on new chapters in their erotic lives. A vital part of personal erotic empowerment is the ability to sense – to discern – which of the Spectrum of Possibilities available in any given erotic scenario feel good to us, and to trust and value ourselves enough to base our choices on that discernment. Our ability to practice discernment is inextricably linked with our ability to be in self-consent – self-consent being a necessary base camp for any journey towards erotic self-actualisation.

So what does the practice of discernment look like? What are the mental, emotional, and physical steps that make up an act of discernment? …

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