Ceremony & Celebration

A Ceremony is a safe and sacred container within which to step joyously over life’s thresholds.

When we hold a Ceremony, we carve out space and time to pause, and be truly present, with the moments that define the course of our lives – whether they are moments of celebration, transition, or even grief – and to share them with those we love, and the god of our understanding.

Whether you hope to celebrate the beginning of a life chapter or love commitment, create a rite of passage for yourself or a loved one, or consecrate an ending, I take pride in crafting ceremonies that are as unique as you are.

As a celebrant, I have created private and peopled rituals ranging from handfastings and commitment ceremonies, through to rites of passage for gender transition. As an Interfaith Minister in training, I am committed to honouring the spiritual or secular traditions and elements you wish to thread through your ritual. As a facilitator, I am passionate about consecrating and celebrating those moments that make life worth living.

Get in touch with me here to share your wishes for your ceremony, and to find out whether I can help make them come true. The process begins with a free consultation. If we decide we can co-create something suitably special, then we embark on a journey towards your chosen date, during which you may expect to be supported, inspired, and invited into deep reflection, so that what emerges is a celebration that is true to your heart.

Prices for Celebrant services are negotiable, and can begin from as little as £300.


“Our handfasting was so beautiful, powerful, and moving. I hadn’t expected our love to blossom even more, but it did through the care and dedication Rowan showed in bringing everyone together and personalising the experience to create a fantastic celebration – even in the freezing weather! Rowan brought authority, love, artistry, creativity, and a fantastic sense of joy and pixie dust to our celebration; asides from the day itself, she coached us to look beyond the magic of ritual, and to the very core of what it was we both wanted, to prepare for the year, as well as the day. And that has made a positive and lasting difference to our relationship.” – D&O, Handfasting

“When I set out to organise my rite I had hoped that it would be a wonderful day, yet I had not imagined how powerful it could be. As I stood in the middle of that circle I felt more love than I have ever felt before. I felt held, seen and respected in ways that I did not know could be possible, and also so grateful for the many wonderful beings that I have in my life. I felt privileged that there was space in my world to create an event of this kind. That I live in a time, and a geographical place, where queer people are not simply tolerated, or accepted, but celebrated. I experienced a sense of belonging and appreciation that I will stay with me for many years to come. That will offer me strength in darker times and help me remember that however lonely I may feel, that I am never really alone.” – J, Rite of Passage for Gender Transition

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