Over a series of sessions Rowan enabled me to explore sexual orientation and identity along with it’s spiritual and psychic aspects. Rowan brings radical acceptance and kindness to their work, coupled with deep insight and an intuitive grasp of where you are coming from. I was really impressed by the open, deeply informed approach and the inclusion of the effects of structural oppression in exploring blocks and fears associated with non-normative sexual orientation. The work we did together enabled me to move into a new level of acceptance of myself and improved integration. I would highly recommended them as a skilled counsellor in what can be quite a difficult domain. – M, Coaching Client

Each session starts with breathing together, which I experience as an excellent way to get in touch with my feelings and really be there during the session. Rowan first helped me through the process of grieving the end of a relationship. I found their advice on rituals, and on how to integrate rituals in my life, very applicable. Starting in parallel, and continuing after I was done grieving, they helped me explore what my own contributions to the chaos and unhappiness had been and in what ways it was linked to experiences I had had as a child and teenager. During the whole process, I felt deeply and profoundly welcome. Rowan invited me to look at parts of myself that other parts of me felt ashamed of, and did not wish to exist, and treat those parts with kindness and understanding, and listen to them. I feel that throughout the coaching, I became better able to connect to my grief, and my anger, and my shame, because Rowan held the space between us and I felt that it was okay to have these feelings. Learning to acknowledge those feelings, and trying to give them room when needed, has also deepened my connection to the rest of my feelings – my joy, my curiosity, my inner child. I am very, very happy to have achieved that, with Rowan’s help. And while all that has been hard work, it was very rewarding and even, from time to time, fun! – B, Coaching Client

What I appreciate about Rowan is that I really feel centred in the space. It’s like having a very kind, loving, and deep mirror held up to me that lets me see new aspects of myself. Everything they ask, every journey they help me to take, is led by what’s already present in me. It’s never about a pre-existing format or about their curiosity about the ways that I might be different to them or to other people. So I feel honoured in everything that I am. Rowan understands that helping me thrive is not just about looking at dark things and difficult emotions. It’s also about exploring my joy and my pleasure. That brings a playfulness to the sessions that balances out the more challenging work, and helps me to feel like a full human with a full range of emotions. I appreciate their expansive understanding of sex and sexuality and of gender and their devotion to helping me understand what helps me build safety. I can speak freely about all aspects of who I am: my non-monogamy, my queerness, my kinks, my sexual fears and shame, my gender. I’m never having to explain myself to them for their benefit. Instead I am truly centred in the space. – S, Coaching Client

The facilitation team held the space fantastically well – especially given the potent energies we unleashed, both the delectable and the dark – just as I felt sure that they would after my experiences at Koinonia. And the other participants too were a rare delight – brave, diverse and warmly supportive.
All in all, a potent, delight-filled experience, which emboldened me to step out of my comfort zone, and left me glowing with the rewards of doing so. And I know I was not alone in that – thank you! – S, Radical Self Love Participant

A deeply stimulating weekend, challenging in all the best ways, with significant impact on the areas of my life that I attended in hope of shifting.
Some of the activities and interactions we were guided through together were so incredibly simple and yet deeply powerful – leading me to see my own contours and challenges more clearly. And I came away too with new techniques for continuing to improve my relationship with my erotic self in the time to come. – S, Radical Self Love Participant

A deep journey into the radical possibilities of self-devotion and permission for bliss! – J, Radical Self Love Participant

Make Love with Self was a very empowering experience for me, the experience of taking the first steps towards reclaiming my sexuality from patriarchy… Since coming home, I have been writing a song inspired by all the self knowledge and joy the weekend brought me. – J, Making Love with Self participant

An enlightening, nurturing, and well-supported weekend. I was able to dive into previously neglected parts of myself, and learned valuable techniques to give them the love and attention they deserve. The doors have opened.  And getting to practice the breath & energy orgasm every day was divine! – M, Making Love with Self Participant

Dear Rowan – You have already helped me in ways I could never have imagined.

I’ve experienced different therapies in the past and they have always focused on fixing me, rather than allowing me to listen to myself and begin to see who I truly am. You aren’t just with me during our sessions, but send me away with something to work on – whether that’s reading a book, making art, going on a journey, or performing a ritual. I haven’t been given the space to create since I was a child. Sometimes our sessions challenge me, because of the rawness that comes with discovering your Self, but I am already witnessing the shift in my perception of the world. Or perhaps, simply remembering a world I’ve experienced before.

Thank you. I am so looking forward to delving deeper within whilst learning to make more connections, more authentic connections, with others, with The Other. – O, Coaching Client

Dear Rowan – Thank you so much for your incredible focus, presence, love, support and listening over the last couple of months.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. It seems a little weird to say “enjoyed” through the sobbing, processing, expressing and deep heartfelt moving through some very painful stuff. Yet, that is the word I would use to describe this wonderfully gentle yet powerful holding of the session that you so seamlessly offer. You have the ability to marry deep wisdom and intuition with practical grounding help and inspirations to help me move through and challenge myself in my life, as I ease into a more flowing way of experiencing, expressing and relating. I feel like I have been hugged with love into myself. – E, Coaching Client

Rowan – Words are not going to be enough to express the gratitude I feel for the help you have given me during my counseling sessions with you.

Your therapeutic approach has been the first facilitation I have experienced that has helped me implement concrete external improvements in my life – as well as what is the normally expected internal psychological development. Your insightful witnessing and holistic technique has been like a breath of fresh air – literally – that has allowed me to straighten the knotted tangles of thoughts that have held me back. The way you have helped me work with a heightened body consciousness has been amazing and allowed me to clear out old locked-in, and disruptive, thought patterns. I would recommend your therapeutic work to anyone. – C, Coaching Client

This workshop goes deep within and gives a space to connect with what really lies inside. The activities are varied and insightful. Rowan and their team facilitate a space that is nurturing and supportive throughout the journey. I thoroughly recommend their courses and workshops for personal development, self fulfilment and adventure into the unknown! I felt that I received just what I needed to! – S, Making Love with God Participant

Thank you for teaching me about surrender; it’s good to know that sometimes we can surrender rather than continue to strive. I experienced a beautiful transformation that opened my eyes to the real possibility in my life. – B, Making Love with God Participant

It’s rare in my life to have done such deep, transformative work for an entire weekend. I know I’ve really gone to my darkest places and found a safe and loving way to bring them to the surface. I felt 100% supported throughout and that I could ask for whatever I needed. I’m left with a deep sense of calm, gratitude, and self-appreciation for doing this difficult work. Thank you for creating a journey that opened my eyes to the possibility in my life! – B, Making Love with God Participant

Rowan has an extraordinary ability to create a space that invites each participant to bring all of themselves – and welcomes that. The weekend offered an invitation to journey to the self, to connect first with self and then with others. The highlight for me was the feeling of being held. Wow! Just so gorgeous! – D, Making Love with God Participant

With regards to my disability, I don’t think anything more could have been done to make me feel more included and cared for. Rowan’s tendency towards doing rather than saying and the general atmosphere they and their team created made me feel as cozy and comfy as could be. I did not feel anywhere near as isolated as I tend to feel during social events; it was truly inspiring and assuring that I am on the right journey. – J, Making Love with God Participant

I really feel that you managed to create and hold an environment that was queer-friendly. A lot of events that I have been to have claimed to be inclusive but at best have been “not-exclusive” as it were. Happily, you avoided such an atmosphere. In the space, I truly felt welcome and invited to be myself in full, with no conditions put on acceptance. – J, Making Love with God Participant

This weekend was truly amazing. My heart will never be the same. I met God for the first time in my life and her love is beautiful. – M, Making Love with God Participant

I am still floating on my magic carpet following the weekend. Such beauty and depth courageously explored and openly exchanged. Thank you Rowan for the creation of this most wondrous gift! – N, Making Love with God Participant

I rediscovered my sexual self after 10 years of saying farewell to it. I have re-owned my creative, sexual power, and I feel incredible. I felt so completely held and honoured as I went through my process. I have experienced a profoundly deep, loving and honouring time. I’m so grateful. – C, Middlesex, Workshop Participant

As my first of “this sort of thing” it has been a very valuable, welcoming experience. Release, forgiveness, sharing, opportunity, caring, holding… It all played out wonderfully. It was precisely what I needed. I feel better than I have in several years. – G, Making Love with God Participant

Wow! An absolutely beautifully rich experience touching the essence of the divine within and without in the amazingly held space that Rowan offers. Breathwork, movement, sharing and the most loving tender conscious touch. This is what weekends are made for! – S, Making Love with God Participant

Making Love with God is an impeccably held space where I found only love, compassion, support, honesty and playfulness. It’s a place to dive deeper into the richness that makes sex magical and sacred. And it is. I felt supported, loved, and cared for. – O, Making Love with God Participant

I felt completely at ease within the space, as if I had found a nest of comfort, acceptance and exploration, where I learned about myself, the universe, tantric principles, practices and feelings – and where I was free to explore the merging and combining of sex, love, magic, spirituality and divinity. It was an incredible experience, both intense and soul stretching, as well as being giggly and cuddly! – L, Making Love with God Participant

This was my first real foray into tantra, and I didn’t really know what to expect. Rowan had made the space so welcoming, and so comfortable that I almost forgot my nerves straight away. I felt totally comfortable with being aware of my boundaries and preconceptions and I was able to be truthful to them for the whole weekend, without feeling that I wasn’t fully participating. There was nothing that we had to do, only things we were all invited to do. – L, Making Love with God Participant

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